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You might feel like you have lots to organise before your ski holiday, so I’ve put together a list of the important information that simplifies the process for you.

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Booking Your Ski Hire

It’s essential to book your ski rental gear prior to arrival.
This will save you a huge amount of time in advance and guarantees you’ll receive the exact equipment you need. Final fitting or adjustments can be made at the time of collection.
Upon arrival in Hakuba, you will collect your gear before making the trip up to Canopy. That way you can be ready to hit the slopes on the same day or first thing the following morning.

We recommend Central Snow Sports or Rhythm for your ski equipment needs.

information - central snowsports

Central Snowsports is one of Hakuba’s biggest sources for ski and snowboard equipment, and its staff include both English and Japanese speakers. They carry a wide section of the newest equipment, including premium and specialised lines.
You get the chance to try out new gear without incurring any fees, as well as the ability to swap out broken equipment right away wherever you are on the mountain.
Central Snowsports will collect your gear from Canopy at the end of your stay, so you won’t need to return your gear. 

How to Book:


Here’s some guest FAQ’s from Central Snowsports

Central Snowsports FAQ 


information - rhythm

Rhythm has over 30 years of industry experience, including 15+ years in Japan. They are guaranteed to have the best & latest gear, suited to the conditions & your ability.

The Rhythm Wadano store has a fully stocked retail shop filled with the latest snow gear: clothing and equipment. What’s awesome is they have a coffee corner too! Grab a latte while you finalise your new snow purchases!
Rhythm will not collect your gear from Canopy. Please arrange to return your gear when leaving Hakuba.

How to Book:


Booking your Ski Lessons

Whether you’re a first timer or an expert, booking ski lessons is a great idea.
Lessons can be booked as a group, or privately, and there are options for half a day or even a full day – don’t worry, you’ll break for lunch! Generally, lessons can be held at any resort depending on the circumstances.
We recommend Evergreen Ski School, Frontier Hakuba or Hakuba Ski Concierge

Evergreen Logo

Enjoying your time on the mountain is one of the most important aspects of your trip — which is what makes Evergreen Ski School unique.
They have a great reputation for being one of the best ski and snowboard schools in Hakuba, with a wide range of experience among their instructors. You could choose to have your lessons at Happo, Iwatake, Tsugaike or Cortina Resorts, either privately or as a group.

Evergreen also teaches kids aged 3 years old and above.  And they have members of staff who can offer you lessons in Chinese, English or Japanese.

Frontier Logo

Frontier is situated at the Norikura and Cortina Resorts. You have the option of scheduling either group or private skiing and snowboarding lessons.

They provide classes for both adults and children.

Hakuab Ski Concierge Logo

Hakuba Ski Concierge specialises in personalised ski and snowboard lessons as well as resort guiding services.
Based in Hakuba 47 Resort, Hakuba Ski Concierge is Hakuba’s first boutique ski school that  offers lessons for adults and children.
A reservation is required due to high number of people that book lessons here.


Transfers – Getting to Hakuba

Chuo Taxi

Getting to Canopy Cortina by Chuo Taxi

Particularly useful if arriving into the airport at late hours, this is a convenient and comfortable way to travel from the airport to Hakuba via Chuo Taxi.

We recommend Chuo for these reasons:


Chuo provides 2 different services.

  1. From Narita to Canopy you’ll hire a private car – 1 fee for the whole group
  2. From Haneda Airport to Canopy you’ll take a shared taxi with other passengers – charged per person.

1 to 4 people – Jumbo-taxi : ¥82,000*
Additional passengers (5-8ppl) – Additional ¥5,000 pp

‘Ride Share’ (share with other passengers)
Adult ¥19,500pp*
Child under 12 years ¥8,000

*Add 3,300 JPY charge for personalised name sign service at airport arrival gate.
*Child safety seats MUST be reserved at the time of booking or may not be available at a later date.
*Pricing can change, double check live pricing on the website


When booking select your destination as “Nagano Pref.” >> “Otari-mura”


Getting to Canopy Cortina by Bus

This is another alternative to your transfer to and from the airport, known as the ‘Nagano Snow Shuttle’.

Depending on your arrival and departure flight times, it may be convenient AND more economical to travel from the airport to Hakuba (or your return) by Nagano Snow Shuttle.


Departures arriving at Hakuba during the day – ¥10,500pp to Hakuba
Additional ¥1,750 to be dropped at Canopy [ZONE E]

All services are limousine coaches, with comfort stops along the way.

The airport transfer takes 6 hours.

Getting to Canopy Cortina by Coach

Highway Buses’ is a good option if travelling from Tokyo to Hakuba.

The coach leaves from the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal.

This transit option is ideal if you plan to stay in Tokyo first before making your way to Hakuba.

Use the link below to make your reservation, as times can get booked out during the Winter Season.

¥6,100 per person

All services are limousine coaches, with comfort stops along the way.
The Shinjuku to Hakuba transfer takes approx. 5 hours.
Please book your ticket to Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal. 

Getting to Canopy Cortina Direct Train from Tokyo to Hakuba

The direct express train to/from Shinjuku – Hakuba.
TRAVEL TIME: 3 hours 40 minutes

¥9,050~ per adult (12 and older), and ¥5,020~ for kids between 6-11. Children aged 5 and under are free if they sit in non-reserved seating.
Planning your journey: Use Jorudan or Google Maps for precise times, fares, and platform numbers.

Getting to Canopy Cortina by Shinkansen

The fastest way to reach Hakuba from Tokyo is by taking the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station. There is no train from Nagano to Hakuba, but you can catch a bus for the last stretch.

There is no direct shinkansen that arrives at Hakuba, but reaching Nagano is close!

Here’s the journey:

  1. Local train to Ueno or Tokyo Station

  2. Shinkansen from Ueno or Tokyo Station to Nagano Station

  3. Coach/Bus from Nagano Station to Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal

TRAVEL TIME: 3.5 hours (for shinkansen + coach)

FARE PRICES: ¥12,400~ per adult and ¥6,200~ per child.

To plan your journey, use Jorudan or Google Maps for precise times, fares, and platform numbers.

Get more out of your holiday with the JR Rail Pass to visit all your must see tourist attractions in Japan efficiently!

Tourists can now book their own tickets online.

Catching the coach/bus from Nagano Station:



Lift Tickets

Lift Tickets aren’t a hassle. You can choose to purchase your lift tickets on the day at the resort, or more conveniently buy an All-Mountain Pass ahead of your stay.

Bonus: Canopy has discounted lift tickets for Cortina Resort, ready to go at reception!
No need to see the ticket office at all.


Cortina & Norikura Ski Resort
We have discount tickets at the lodge which you can get at reception before heading out on the slopes.
Adult From ¥5,000

Adult ¥6,400

Iwatake Resort
Adult ¥5,200

Happo Resort
Adult ¥7,200


Private Baby Sitting Services

hakuba babysitting
Hakuba Babysitting offers enjoyable, cost-effective babysitting services to families coming to Hakuba. They have an experienced team of childcare professionals that are devoted to ensuring that your children are safely cared for in a fun and stimulating environment from the moment you leave them until you return.

Ages: Enquire within, can be flexible on age range
Hours: 9:00am – 11:00pm
Location: Sitter will visit Canopy
Rates: From ¥15,000 for 4 hours for up to 4 children

*Pricing and hours are subject to change, contact directly for latest information.


What to Pack?

What to Pack for Your Winter Holiday at Canopy?

Packing for a holiday can be difficult, and it’s crucial to get it right for a snow getaway!
Yes, it can get cold but nothing like our friends located further north in the world. You’ll find that you’ll be toasty warm when entering any establishment, thanks to the Japanese always cranking the heater up.

The main point is packing the right gear for your adventures in the snow.

Rhythm or Central Snowsports can get you sorted with Jacket & Pants, but the importance is what goes on underneath.

The essentials:

What should you wear when you’re not skiing?

Your outfit can follow what you would normally wear during winter with a few extras.

Waterproof Shoes – snow boots if you can (not ski or snowboard boots, but a shoe with some tread).
Anything that sits above the ankle to avoid any snow getting in.

If you don’t have any, Rhythm or Central Snow Sports can help you out with some rentals. Otherwise, our front door at Canopy is protected, so we can safely get you there without you getting snowed in feet.
Wearing soft sneakers/sports trainers may get a little cold and slippery. Just watch your step!

Most places, accommodation or restaurants will request shoes off upon entry. It’s a Japanese custom.

Warm Jacket – Your ski jacket should work a treat, or a jacket that will fit a layer or 2 underneath.

Beanie & Gloves – Perfect to get you between places when you’re out and about.

Jeans, Sweater and even a T-shirt will be fine indoors!

A few extras things to pack to improve your life:

Sunglasses: When the sun is out, it’s brighter than ever!

Sunscreen: Check the weather, if you’re in for some bluebird days you might end up with a classy goggle tan if you’re not careful.

Cash: The closest ATM to Canopy is at the 7-Eleven at Iwatake. Japan is becoming more equipped with cashless payments, but not everywhere. It’s handy to have cash on you while you’re out and about – especially if you need a quick fix from a vending machine.

Send your luggage to us – this will improve your life too!

Navigating Tokyo is difficult at the best of times. Throw all your heavy ski luggage into the mix, and you’ll be lucky to get out alive. I’ve learnt this the hard way, finding myself with broken luggage at the bottom of a stairwell.

How thankful I was when I found out about Japan’s fantastic courier services! You can send your luggage to anywhere in Japan. It’s easy, quick and reliable. There are many to choose from but our favourite is Yamato Luggage Courier (Black Cat). Find their service counter at the airport.

Ship your luggage straight to your hotel at the ski resort, and feel how light and free you can feel while travelling in Japan.

Click here to be luggage free during your travels!

Travelling with kids?

Apart from iPads, you’re welcome to bring along any other activities they’d like to play with while they’re here.
Pack their favourite snacks to keep them going on the mountain!

If they’re fussy eaters, please let us know for Canopy’s morning and evening meals so we can prepare.
You’re welcome to bring along any ingredients that they simply can’t live without. Check in with the chef to see if we have it stocked in the Canopy pantry.

You can add these details when you input your travel party’s details in the Guest Details Form.

I hope you’ve found this resource useful.

Our goal at Canopy is to make your holiday as fantastic as possible.

We have much more knowledge that we are happy to share with you.

Please get in touch to find out more.

If there’s anything we can do to make your stay truly outstanding, please get in touch to find out how we can help.


Soon enough you’ll be hitting the stunning slopes of the Hakuba Valley,

and enjoying rest & relaxation at Canopy!


Connect with me via Whatsapp – +81 80 4818 3779,



Can’t wait to see you!